About Us

Our Story

The History of Rainforest Spice Co.

Many years ago my ancestors immigrated to this country from Ukraine, seeking a better life in a country where they could own land and better themselves through its bounty. They lived in a feudal society as serfs, not able to own land and void of any freedoms.
Imagine my surprise when I saw first hand that the village crest of my ancestors was a bee skep.

Our History

Local Honey from Hoda's Honey of Rainforest Spice Company

Bee Skep

I had a sign made with this design and it sits at the end of our driveway saying Local Honey.
35 years ago we moved to the North Country from the Ithaca area to realize our dream of living a sustainable lifestyle. We are fortunate to  be able to “style” our lives in a way to live close to the land and have the opportunity to embrace permaculture methods in treating the land we are stewards over. We have never used pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our land and have treated it with the utmost care and respect.

Our little homestead

is away from large commercial farming and nestled in the foothills of the Tug Hill Plateau. Our ultimate goal is to live at peace with man, God and His creation.  We have been Beekeepers for 30 years and have been using sustainable practices to enable our honey bees to produce raw honey and other products from the hives, including pure beeswax candles, bee propolis, honey comb and bees wax wraps.

Our Products

We offer honey sampling of an extensive variety of Wild and Infused Honey.  We’ll also have Vanilla Products, Spices, Local Raw Unprocessed Wildflower Honey Products, Local Raw Unprocessed Buckwheat Honey Products, Creamed Honey, Honey Stix, Bee Pollen, Bees Wax Wraps, Virgin Coconut Oil and much more. 

Where to Buy our Products

We began selling products from the hive in the last 20 years. We sell at a local farmers market in Fayetteville, NY and from our Apiary in Taberg, New York. We also have been selling our products to Kinney Drugs in Camden, The Clinton Cider Mill in Clinton, NY, Savacki’s Market in New Hartford, NY , Nicole M. Boutique & Gifts in Fayetteville NY, Edge of Glory Farm in Blossvale, NY and Hughes Farm in Clinton , NY